Photo: Charlotte Rutherford / Courtesy of Clarion Call Media

Chaos Chaos Get Atmospheric and Emotional on “Capital T” (premiere)

Sister duo Chaos Chaos, formerly of Smoosh, deliver their latest single, "Capital T". "Dogs hate it, but hopefully people will love it."

Chaos Chaos is the sister duo of Asya and Chloe Saavedra. The pair have also written music for the sci-fi cartoon Rick and Morty and were the core of the band Smoosh. The sisters’ latest single, “Capital T” arrives on 24 April.

Asya recently recalled the tune’s origins. “We made this song in an Airbnb in the desert where we’d go to find a different environment with total silence to write music. At this time, Chloe was single and struggling with dating apps, and I was in a relationship with someone but struggling to stay close to them as they became distant because of their own personal issues”, she says. “I was getting really into reading about spirituality and mindfulness as well as ancient Chinese military philosophy (The Art of War). Reading about total peace and war was appealing to me because it felt like it mirrored my inner state. I could be this conflicted person and look out over the desert scenery and realize that the inner pain is silenced, obliterated by the power of nature. It’s a humbling feeling. This feeling went into the songs I wrote at that time.”

The sisters worked together but chose different environments for most of the working days. “Chloe and I would put our headphones on and go to our separate rooms of the house to work on music,” Asya adds. “We’d share new ideas and add to each other’s stuff. In the afternoons we’d usually go to this gym where there were mostly really buff men or not so buff old men who’d go there to be in the gym scene. We’d both go on the treadmills, which were conveniently located in a place where we could observe everyone in the gym like creeps while working out. Then later in the day we’d go back to our house, make some caveman-like meal (grilled meat and charred vegetables) and we’d drink quite a lot of whiskey or wine and work more. “

In the end, she says, “Capital T” came together very quickly. “It was like a direct expression of us at the time, unfiltered, unedited. I recorded a quick piano line that I liked, then added one ambient synth and two atmospheric vocal tracks. In almost every song, I have at least one ‘atmospheric vocal track’ that I use as an instrument layer because it adds this depth and emotion that other instruments can’t add. I recorded another track doing my ‘scream voice’, and pitch-shifted it. Something about the register or tone makes dogs freak out. Dogs hate it. But hopefully, people will love it.”

Meditative without excessive navel-gazing, smart without being pretentious, “Capital T” provides listeners with evidence of
Chaos Chaos‘ bright future and familiar but fresh approach.