Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Rutherford

Chaos Chaos Create a Jagged, Alt-Pop Anthem with “Theaters” (premiere)

Chaos Chaos share slice of jagged, electropop that seduces with its sheer energy and punk spirit. Watch the video for "Theaters".

Electropop band Smoosh, a.k.a. sisters Asya and Chloe Saavedra, are striking out afresh as Chaos Chaos. Their new single, “Theaters” is a wonderfully anthemic slice of jagged, synthpop that seduces with its sheer energy and punk spirit.

On “Theaters”, the pair loop in the hook-filled, new wave of Metric and the razor sharp synths of Fever Ray before stimulating it all with some electrifying pop melodies. Built on the steady thrum of a pulsing keyboard riff the song twitchily, rushes to a gleaming pop chorus with an electroclash edge. It’s the kind of fiercely catchy chorus that many bands spend their entire career trying to perfect. “Theaters” skillfully demonstrates the pair’s ability to write intelligent alt-pop anthems.

Lyrically, the theme draws inspiration from Jim Jarmusch’s very avant-garde, 1980 film Permanent Vacation. “It’s about the inner and outer world and how people navigate it,” the duo explain. “We can go through the motions of life, projecting everything from past experiences onto every new place we go. Every alleyway we walk through, every room we enter, or every person we meet can be seen as a projection of our inner world. The song is about thinking of the world as a theater that plays out our own inner dramas.”