Charlene Soraia Illustrates the Majesty of a Voice and a Single Guitar on “Where’s My Tribe” (premiere)

On new single "Where's My Tribe", British artist, Charlene Soraia artfully articulates her struggle to connect with the wider world.

On “Where’s My Tribe” Charlene Soraia beautifully illustrates the majestic simplicity of music. Featuring the stark, unadorned sound of a single, acoustic guitar and Soraia‘s soaring voice the song captures that moment when an artist manages to artfully unravel a complex emotion using the simplest and most affecting of means.

“Where’s My Tribe” is an elegiac folk song with a haunting single guitar that echoes and ripples as Soraia emotionally raw vocals soar over the top. Lyrically, the song captures that feeling of finding you’ve become untethered from societies’ secure moorings.

Moreover, Soraia skillfully articulates that unmistakable struggle to connect with the wider world as the tide conspires to take you further out to sea. For Soraia the chorus of, “Chase my dragon / Chase my rabbit / Down the hole” reflects her self-inflicted dislocation as she knowingly shys away from meeting reality head on, as she explains, “the chorus reflects on losing oneself to the proverbial rabbit holes and other fantastical avoidance tendencies”.

At times painfully honest, “Where’s My Tribe” encapsulates the enduring solemnity of a voice and a solitary guitar. Charlene Soraia’s album is slated for release 25 January 2019 via Peacefrog Records.