Photo: Chris Phelps

Charlie Overbey Finds Warmth in Darkness on “Slip Away” (premiere)

Written for a lost friend, Americana artist Charlie Overbey shows us his heart on his latest single "Slip Away", wherein he duets with Miranda Lee Richards.

Growing up listening to the likes of Johnny Cash and Tom Petty, Charlie Overbey brings grassy rock ‘n’ roll to the table that’s reminiscent of the music of his inspirations. Lynwood might not be the first place one might expect to raise an alt-country career from the earth, but Overbey’s career has grown out of rocking the Southern California circuit with his outlaw grit. Blossoming from there, the Americana artist has garnered fans across the country who are looking forward to the release of his forthcoming album, Broken Arrow, on 20 April.

Performing with Miranda Lee Richards, “Slip Away” is the latest single from off of the incoming LP. It’s a poignant, dark-laced number in which Overbey bears his whole heart, dedicating his emotional duet to a departed friend. The song’s gentle sway lets listeners slip into its powerful performance easy as Overbey and Richards’ emotive delivery gains steam as the arrangement runs its course. Richards’ warm whiskey vocals pair perfectly with Overbey’s grit, taking the piece to stirring new heights.

Overbey tells PopMatters, ‘”Slip Away’ was written directly following the loss of someone in my deep inner circle that was ruled to be an accident but to me seemed a suicide. I tend to like to leave things to the imagination and incorporate, especially in dark times elements of hope. I did not feel the need to mention suicide—nobody needs to be thinking about or even reminded that this is an option.”

“I do think that in times of despair, people tend to find warmth in darkness, which is a trick of the mind as referred to in my favorite line in the song: “And then you gimme’ that look / yeah you gimme that look, like you’re never comin’ back again / like you’ve crawled down into a deep dark hole / and it’s warm like the house of a friend.”

“A mind is a strange place which can turn dark to darker or vice versa with ease. ‘Slip Away’ is definitely one of the deepest songs I’ve ever written and a personal favorite. Its a somber, heavy song about loss and was a very tough one to deliver while tracking the vocal. Miranda Lee Richards who sang this duet with me was amazing to work with on this track. She was perfect for it and I knew it before she ever sang a note!”

Shortly after the release of Broken Arrow, Overbey will be opening for outlaw country star Nikki Lane on 28 April in Pioneertown, CA. Tickets are available here.