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ChiiDo: Afro Knowledge From Naija To London


Afro Knowledge From Naija To London


"African everywhere"

"ChiiDo is a fresh new Afro-hip-hop MC, a great lyricist with star quality. ChiiDo is the future of Afro-beat; his album "Afro knowledge... from Naija to London" is due out September 2006. His first single "Pigin English" is currently on rotation on selected popular music channels in the UK and local cable channel in Germany. ChiiDo's debut album features other Nigerian artists such as AY of Pounds & Naira Inc and many more.

The album is simply a mix of Nigerian 'Pigin English' over modern creative music, with a touch of African beats. Several UK TV and radio shows have already noticed his talent for catchy songs and producing potential chart topping tunes.

Since dawn of the new millennium ChiiDo has been busy crafting his own style of musical expression. Encompassing elements of both hip-hop and Afro beat; 'hip-life' is an exciting new genre and one with which ChiiDo (real name Chinedum Nnochiri) is poised to make a splash.

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. ChiiDo's musical ambitions first began to take shape at an early age. Around the house, ChiiDo's father would spin vinyls of Nigerian legend Fela Kuti. Moments like these would serve to shape ChiiDo's vision of one day making great music himself. After some initial recordings with like-minded people, ChiiDo decided to embark on a stylistic change, one that would lead him to his current incarnation." -- Blue Pie Productions

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