Photo: Dylan Estes

Chloe Kimes Searches for Healing in “Medicine Man” (premiere)

Singer-songwriter Chloe Kimes debuts her first music video, "Medicine Man", a visual accompaniment to the earnest folk ballad from her recent EP, Apothecary.

Following a whirlwind year for the Michigan-gone-Tennessee singer-songwriter, Chloe Kimes is releasing a music video for “Medicine Man”, a track from her debut solo EP, Apothecary. Honing in on one of the album’s central themes, healing, Kimes is joined by director Dylan Estes in achieving a naturalistic, interpretive vision for the single’s visual presentation. Featuring a forested set akin to what is exhibited on Apothecary’s album artwork, shots in the video swap between Kimes’ vocal performance that changes in terms of the presentation of her clothing and disposition to denote shifts in the story that she weaves. Meanwhile, Olivia Kimes is the production’s choreographer and featured dancer, her movements respectively following that same ebb and flow.

Ultimately, the video is an effective visualization of the central themes of “Medicine Man”. As Kimes tells PopMatters, “Anyone who’s grappled with heartache understands the desperation that comes in its wake, perilously seeking an explanation or antidote. ‘Medicine Man’ speaks to the transformative realization that some questions don’t have earthly answers and healing can only come from your own personal wrestle and release.”


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