Chloe Kimes Reclaims Her Own Narrative Through "Thunder" (premiere)

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

On her new single, "Thunder", Nashville's Chloe Kimes shares her musings on reinforcing one's inner strengths and reclaiming their personal narrative.

With her new single, "Thunder", Chloe Kimes continues to focus on the art of healing. Following up on 2018's Apothecary and 2019's "Medicine Man" music video, the Nashville artist has brought together a band that fully captures reflective, therapeutic vibe of her songwriting. Here, it means a more Americana-informed approach to Kimes' artistry as she headily illustrates musings on reclaiming one's own story throughout the song's forward-driving melodies.

Kimes tells PopMatters, "I think 'Thunder' is really simply about taking back your own narrative. It's inspired by the feeling that comes from not having any control in a situation, which can be an uncomfortable place to rest in with matters of the heart. With 'Thunder', I wanted to address the power that comes from reclaiming that narrative. It's not a heartbreak song. It's not an over-you song. It's just the product of strengthening yourself and owning that."

"Since Apothecary, I've formed a band around my solo project, which has developed my songwriting in terms of writing for a bigger sound and louder live shows. We rock out a lot more now. It changed the studio experience, too. We live tracked this as a full band, which was a first for me. 'Thunder' has more of a country sound, but I'm still the folk singer I've always been. This just has a new edge to it."

Kimes continues, "For me, 'Thunder' is definitely turning an important page. I think it's closing a big chapter of my life, which was moving to Nashville, graduating from MTSU, and all of the love and heartbreak that fueled Apothecary. With a fresh edge and big tour schedule ahead, it feels like this release is timed perfectly with a brand new chapter, one where I'm controlling the narrative more than I ever have."

"Thunder" is available for streaming and for purchase on all digital platforms today.

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