Photo: David Paul Larson / Courtesy of Mute Records

Chris Liebing’s “Polished Chrome” Gets Remix From Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter (premiere)

Chris Liebing's "Polished Chrome" first appeared on 2018's Burn Slow and features new wave icon Gary Numan. "Chris Carter is a real legend", says Liebing of the remixer of this track.

Tracks from Chris Liebing‘s 2018 release Burn Slow have been getting the remix treatment via a series of releases of late. Thus far, four tunes from the album have been issued with “Polished Chrome” being the latest. Featuring Gary Numan, the piece has now been rendered anew by Throbbing Gristle‘s Chris Carter.

True to the LP’s minimalist leanings, there is a new energy and life in the remix, a relaxing darkness that quickly seduces the listener into its pulses and deliciously slow burn. Meditative, jazzlike and thoroughly trance-endental, it’s further testament to the genius of all parties involved.

“It is hard to put in short sentences what Chris Carter has achieved in the fields of visual art, music, and technology for over 50 years. From Throbbing Gristle to his talent for visual performances, as well as his technical ability to create electronic music machines — even before there were electronic music machines, he has influenced and inspired many generations of artists. You should read up about him and his work if you are too young to know. Chris is a real legend, and I still cannot believe that I was allowed to remix one of his tracks, ‘Tones Map’, and I am still speechless about this incredible remix he did for me for ‘Polished Chrome’. I am forever grateful and humbled.”

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