Chris Pierce
Photo: Mathieu Bitton / HearthPR

Chris Pierce’s Soulful Anthem “Meet Me at the Bottom” Unites (premiere)

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Chris Pierce premieres his latest tune, “Meet Me at the Bottom”, a slow-burning soul song about finding common ground.

Chris Pierce is releasing a new album, Let All Who Will, this 1 September via Friends at Work/Downtown Distribution. The LP is seen as a follow-up to the Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s massively acclaimed American Silence in more ways than just chronological succession. The album, which was named PopMatters’ Best Folk Album of 2021, set a spotlight on the Black experience in today’s America. Let All Who Will is a soulful sequel intended by Pierce to raise overlooked voices, home in on a history of injustices, and ultimately try to find unity in humanity through song. Its aural leanings have expanded alongside its social intentions, featuring a who’s-who of top-shelf collaborators like Sunny War, Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams), Kaveh Rastegar (John Legend), and many others.

Co-written with Sam Hollander, Pierce’s “Meet Me at the Bottom” is his latest cut from Let All Who Will. The slow-scorching tune rides classic melodic structures reminiscent of the Golden Age of Soul. One wouldn’t be remiss to compare its stirring instrumental break and Pierce’s fabulous vocal performance to Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. As always with Pierce’s handiwork, his booming storytelling voice stands at the song’s center, driving home its inspiriting everyman’s message. Its music video, directed by Steve Bays, incorporates skeletal art that accentuates this message of mutuality.

Pierce tells PopMatters, “We all have different circumstances that lead to struggle in life. If we can lay our fear and divisiveness down, we may find a venerable place at the bottom to rise together. The bottom can be a place of common ground and respect that each other’s struggles, hopes, and frustrations are as valid as our own.”

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