Photo: Allen Clark

Christian Lopez Band – “Stay With You” (live) (exclusive download)

Christian Lopez Band's “Stay With You” is a lush beauty, warmth seeping out of every pore.

Christian Lopez Band’s “Stay With You” is a lush beauty, warmth seeping out of every pore. Recorded live at Mississippi’s Thacker Mountain Radio Hour, it rolls serenely between full-throated tenor and careful falsetto, guitar and mandolin bursting forth behind Christian Lopez’s stalwart vocal command. Its tones are gorgeous, its crescendo explosive; it’s a song that soars. Folk, at its best, is truly triumphant, eventually cresting whatever Sisyphean hill its author climbs; “Stay With You” certainly thrusts through the clouds at the top.

“Stay With You” seems to find its way to the closing of the set most nights. This particular evening, it felt like the right choice,” says Lopez. “We sang it unafraid to blow our voices out. It’s a song about letting your love show while you can: a message that I like to leave with listeners every night.” “Stay With You” appears on Lopez’s latest album Onward.

Enjoy an exclusive download of “Stay With You” until next Tuesday, July 19, courtesy of our friends at Blaster Records and Thacker Mountain Radio Hour.