Chron Goblin - "Give Way" (audio) (premiere)

The Western Canadian foursome return with a commanding new track.

Calgary, Alberta band Chron Goblin have been steadily gaining momentum over the last few years, their brand of psychedelic heavy rock improving with each new release. Their fourth album Backwater finds the band's sound crystallizing to the point where these guys lock themselves into a ferocious groove and keep listeners riveted. Which, if you play this swaggering style of music, is crucial: in command, but loose. Like David Wooderson. You hear it in Chron Goblin's new track "Give Way".

"'Give Way' is a great sampling of the heavier tracks included on our new album Backwater," explains drummer Brett Whittingham. "We are really happy with the sludgier guitar tone we achieved with this song and the production overall, which was a big part of the reason for our voyage down to Portland to record with Adam Pike. The song has been a staple in our live set in the last few months as it opens with awesome attack and high energy, then slides into what we like to call the 'cosmic nod' as you can't help but bang your head and shake your hips.

"The lyrics speak of acknowledging and yielding to those things in life that are out of our control, but maintaining confidence in one's identity and integrity while we battle though what confronts each of us. Thematically, this is also representative of other tracks on the album and touches on the concept behind the album title Backwater - a place where we can idle and reflect which allows for growth and enrichment.

"We are really excited for this record to come out on Ripple Music and we look forward to touring in support of it. We'll be trekking from Calgary to Montreal and back Oct. 31st to Nov. 14th to play 10 dates across Canada and we're also planning a return to the United States and Europe in 2016."

Backwater comes out on 13 November and can be pre-ordered on both CD and LP.

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