Cinerama - "The Girl From the DDR" (video) (premiere)

David Gedge leads his side project through a reworked rendition of a Wedding Present track.

Come Play With Me is a new singles club which showcases musical talent from Leeds, England with a series of seven-inch releases, one released every month featuring two artists from the region. The first split single, set for release on 6 November, features the band Harkin as well as David Gedge's Cinerama, who have contributed a fabulous, loungey cover of "The Girl From the DDR" by his more famous band, the great Wedding Present.

"This year I finally realised a dream that I’ve had for about 15 years," says Gedge. "I’ve been doing the Wedding Present since we released our first single in 1985, of course, but, since the late 1990s I’ve also had a side project called Cinerama whose music is less guitar-orientated and features more in the way of strings, orchestral brass, vintage keyboards…and anything else from classic pop arrangements that’s taken my fancy, to be honest. This year Cinerama performed live for the first time in what you might call 'all its glory’... with a string quartet, trumpeter, flautist and assorted other contributors. It was difficult and quite stressful to organise but somehow it all seemed to come together in the end. I don’t think it’s something we’ll be doing on a regular basis so I decided to record it and film it for posterity. ‘The Girl From the DDR’ is the first fruits of that recording.

The Come Play With Me series can be pre-ordered via PledgeMusic.

There will also be a special launch event at Sheaf Street Studios in Leeds on Thursday 24th September featuring an interview with David Gedge alongside stripped down sets from:

David Gedge & Sam Beer-Pearce (The Wedding Present & Cinerama)

Post War Glamour Girls


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