Claffy: Claffy

Well-fashioned post-bop from an up-and-comer with a broad pedigree.



Label: Ropeadope
US Release Date: 2016-02-26
UK Release Date: 2016-02-26
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Though this self-titled release marks his debut solo effort, Alexander Claffy, in truth, has been a rising force in the jazz industry for the better half of his 23 years on this earth. He has worked with a slew of modern icons within the realm of jazz since moving to New York in 2011, like Johnny O’Neal and Russell Malone, and grew up in a great jazz capital in the form of Philadelphia prior to that, growing into his own as a teen while learning from some of the local, yet nationally renowned, best.

Claffy is a great album in its own right, representing fine, practiced post-bop jams whilst simultaneously giving his personal spin on the age-old story of love and love lost. The album features a wide breadth of talent, from the sensual, layered vocals of Camila Meza (“Chapter 1: Blossoms As They Wilt Away”), to Jason Morgan’s tinges of acoustics to feed into the dichotomy between it and the lusher, electric sounds from Claffy and other members of the crew. This one represents one great stride into his solo career after the other.

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