Terri Clark: Fearless

Terri Clark
Mercury Nashville

Country sensation Terri Clark has done a lot of growing up since debuting in the genre five years ago. On her latest endeavor, Fearless, the star shows that she’s confident with her smooth vocal abilities and her rootsy sounds.

The album will take country music fans back to a past era, when the songs were a bit slower and the words were a lot clearer. Clark grew up listening to artists like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, so she blends in a bit of folk and acoustic rock.

“Sometimes Goodbye” features a light guitar and additional vocals by the similar sounding stars Beth Nielsen Chapman and Annie Roboff. “No Fear” also has a soft feel to it, but it is still an uplifting song of encouragement to face all of life’s problems head on without having any concerns or reservations. Such a solid message is similar to the motivational lyrics of Joe Dee Messina, who is another artist Clark mirrors on “Fearless.” She maintains her inspirational style by covering Emmylou Harris’ “Easy From Now On.”

In addition, Clark can still put out beautiful ballads, like “Good Mother,” a track originally recorded by Jane Arden. Clark says the reason she decided to cover the track was because of its moving message about how having a supportive family, particularly mother, could be enough to make a person happy in their lives. To Clark, all of the material possessions that people often collect leave her empty inside.

The project has the unique production talents of Steuart Smith behind it. In addition to producing the album, he played several of the instruments including all of the electric guitars, acoustic guitar, accordion, harmonica, mandolin, and acoustic piano.

Fearless promises to be a gem in any country fan’s collection and fans can probably look forward to seeing Clark hit the road towards the end of this year and early on in the next.