Clover the Girl Is "O.K. Fine" (premiere)

Photo: Bret Bassi / Courtesy of Earshot Media

What if talking about mental health was as easy as cooing, "Baby, I love your way?" Clover the Girl explores the possibility via their new single "O.K. Fine".

Clover the Girl is a pop-minded artist from Texas whose sound is steeped in alternative and punk roots. The latest Clover the Girl video, for the track "O.K. Fine" speaks to the marriage of aggression and grit that help the music transcend easy categorization.

In the end, it's an intersection of tuneful, hook-oriented music with a flash of attitude that asks the question, "What if Garbage had arrived deep in the heart of 2018?"

Discussing the tune, Clover the Girl offered this: "The song is repetitive in the same way that a brain war with itself day after day is repetitive. The song is contradictory in nature: Lyrics insisting that I don't have the desire to let anyone in but doing so anyway. I want addressing mental health to be as casual as a pop song."


Wednesday Oct 24 in Austin, TX at Antone's

Thursday Oct 25 in Dallas, TX at Curtain Club

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