CMJ This!: CMJ 2002

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In these indie rock heydays, our writers turn away from what's hyped and delve into the ripe (and sour) of North America's largest new music festival.

CMJ This!: CMJ 2002

CMJ This!: CMJ 2002

City: New York
Venue: CMJ 2002
Date: 1969-12-31

Polyphonic Spree
Yeah Yeah Yeahs CMJ Music Marathon is the largest festival of its kind, inviting thousands of music professionals, artists, and fans to participate in four days of panels, showcases, and events dedicating to celebrating new music. Taking place annually in New York City, this year's festival over Halloween weekend were yet another reminder of the increasing magnitude of indie rock on today's musical landscape. Below, our writers give you their take of the madness -- and the magic. Arena Rock Recording Company Showcase
Featuring: On!Air!Library!, The Mink Lungs, The Boggs, and Calla

30 October 2002: Tonic � New York
By Anna Barie Polyphonic Spree, Desco Records Showcase, and Cody ChesnuTT
30 October - 2 November 2002: New York
By Jordan Kessler Touch and Go Showcase
Featuring: Black Heart Procession, Blonde Redhead, Calexico, !!!, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

31 October 2002: Irving Plaza � New York
By Anna Barie CMJ Music Marathon: Kill Rock Stars/5 RC Showcase
Featuring: Kimya Dawson, Slumber Party, Quix*o*tic, Bangs, The Gossip Semiautomatic

1 November 2002: Knitting Factory � New York
By Anna Barie





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