CMJ 2015 Night 1: Christopher Paul Stelling + Lawrence & More from Webster Hall

I ended my first night of CMJ with Christopher Paul Stelling as I knew it would be a strong show but before that I was pleasantly surprised by one act.

CMJ 2015 Night 1

City: New York
Venue: Webster Hall + Rockwood Music Hall
Date: 2015-10-13

It's never easy to select where to go during CMJ Music Marathon, the nearly week long event that draws hundreds of bands to New York City for a chance to play in front of industry professionals, music tastemakers, bloggers and their friends. Hopefully anyone really. Given the number of venues to choose from, I decided to hedge my bets and go to the BalconyTV Showcase at Webster Hall, an event I attended last year, so that I could also check out bands downstairs in the Studio while bands were swapping out on the former stage. Below are the acts I caught, as well as pics from Christopher Paul Stelling's set at Rockwood as I had wanted to end my night on a strong show.


Evvy is a home town girl with indie-pop sensibilities. Her songs are dreamy and charming from what I gathered via the available streams (a standout I found was "Calling"). But I arrived a bit late to see her whole set and, from the portion of what I saw, Evvy was catchy but not concise. The songs seemed too long to be poppy (the hooks didn't sink) while not being strong enough with dance elements to be clubby. Still, as a new artist, Evvy shows a lot of promise and will likely hone her act for the road.

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