CMJ Music Marathon 2008 Day 4: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

Words and Pictures by John Bohannon

The Luaka Bop showcase was just what CMJ needed as the week began to wind down. Instead of taking things seriously, Christmas decorations were placed all over Santos Party House, Tropicalia jams were on the stereo, and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt was about to commence with less of a performance, and more of a dance party. These guys were concerned with nothing but a positive message and having a good time; a massive amount of relief in a week of bands taking themselves extremely seriously. Basically chanting one-liners and dancing around the room in every costume you can possibly think of, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt involved everyone in the audience. It was by far the most fun CMJ has seen so far, and I’m beginning to think this is the kind of set that will be remembered over all the rest.

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