Coastal Clouds Explores the Battle of Heart and Mind in "Comes From a Time" (premiere)

Complete with a vibrant new music video, Coastal Clouds explores inner struggle with his latest single, "Comes From a Time".

When Roberto Rodriguez first donned the Coastal Clouds moniker, he was writing the songs that would make up his self-titled debut from out of his car following a move from Florida to California. Since then, Coastal Clouds has garnered acclaim for developing a sun-kissed, subtly psychedelic sound that intersects with its name. Hinging on throwback melodies commandeered by Rodriguez's tender vocal delivery, one would not be remiss to find similarities to the 1960s Big Sur scene in his music. As much could be said about the latest from Coastal Clouds, "Comes From a Time".

Coastal Clouds' debut as a MAKE Records artist, Rodriguez recorded "Comes From a Time" with producer Billy Mohler (Dolly Parton, Macy Gray). A sense of clarity pervades the steady-going track, embracing a mellow folk-rock vibe that Rodriguez delivers with dreamy gravitas. Meshing naturalist collage art and kaleidoscope effects with real footage of Rodriguez exploring a field, its music video is a standout. Yet, as Rodriguez tells PopMatters, beneath the dreamlike exterior is a contemplative core.

"As humans, we're given all of these things," he states. "We could have it all, but we still have this innate human quality where we either don't appreciate everything or still need more. It's this feeling of dissatisfaction. We compare ourselves to others over and over again. The heart and mind battle. The song describes the struggle."

"Comes From a Time" is Coastal Clouds' new single from a forthcoming 2019 project.

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