Coldair - "Denounce" (audio) (premiere)

The Polish musician offers a chilly, murky sampling from his spellbinding new album.

The brainchild of Polish musician Tobiasz Biliński, Coldair delves deep into the coldwave sounds of early-'80s France, with murky, gothic arrangements interweaving with harsh, propulsive dance/synth arrangements. His new album The Provider was produced by Jeff Zeigler (The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile) and comes out in North America on 15 January (distributed by Sub Pop) and you can hear the murky yet intoxicating new track "Denounce" below.

"I remember I wrote 'Denounce' shortly after life circumstances forced me to suddenly move out of my apartment and I was staying on my friend's couch in downtown Warsaw," he tells PopMatters. "Shitty events are usually very inspirational - at least to me - so I was writing like a maniac and basically finished a new record within two weeks; that's probably why this song and most of The Provider sound so dark and angry. Jeff Zeigler's crazy synth collection helped me achieve this massive bass and space, really love how it sounds. It's probably one of the strangest things I've ever written, but also my favorite track on the LP, alongside the title track."

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