ColinResponse - "Something About Your Love" (video) (premiere)

ColinResponse offers up infectious soul that chronicles the artist's love for music.

ColinResponse's latest single, "Something About Your Love", is an instant mood-changer. The Canadian soul artist's buttery vocals are front and center on the track. It features an ebullient collection of musicians -- including a rambunctious horn section -- that helps bring it to life.

These feel-good vibes are accentuated by the Toronto singer-songwriter's accompanying music video. It throws us back to ColinResponse's earliest childhood crush, but it has nothing to do with a "someone" and everything to do with a "something".

"I’ve mentioned before that 'Something About Your Love' was never written about a person," says ColinResponse. "Instead, it is a story that shares the intimacies of my relationship with music. That is why this video is so special to me -- it exemplifies the role music has played throughout my life since childhood."

He goes on to say, "This June, I was blessed to go back and see where things all began; and for the first time in almost two decades, I visited my actual elementary school (Northwood Public School) where we shot this video. I was fortunate not only to have an amazing team but also the support of some celebrities (Lamar Johnson – X Men, Kat Barrell – Wynonna Earp, Matt Murray – 9JKL) who flew to Toronto just to be part of it. There was so much love and hard work that went into making this video, and to this day I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity of the countless people who came together to support me in bringing this story to life. We made magic that day, and I’m excited to share with the world."

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