With Their New Single, Common Hours Find "Peace of Mind" (premiere)

Photo: Jordan Black

Common Hour's latest single, "Peace of Mind", sounds palpably akin to the name it's been given.

Composed of Adam Black, Ariel Roxanne Cook, August George, and Dillon VanBuren, Portland's Common Hours have been subverting expectations in the indie rock realm with their serene, reflective artistry since first hitting the scene with a debut EP in mid-2018. Their contemporary take on crafting easy listening soundscapes becomes something to behold, with mellow guitar tones and harmonic reveries capable of painting effulgent pictures abound. Recalling elements of neo-folk with the band's steady-going, progressive instrumentation and crooning harmonies, Common Hour's latest single, "Peace of Mind", sounds palpably akin to the name it's been given.

"Peace of Mind" is a stunning first look at Common Hours in a post-A Life Worth Living landscape and it follows up on the hype generated through their initial EP release generously. The single is due for release on 28 February, debuting first here on PopMatters. Fans of Common Hours' sound can see the band at the single release show at the White Eagle Saloon & Hotel in Portland, OR, where they will be supported by Samsel and the Brothers Reed.

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