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Con Brio Exhibit Dynamic Excellence with “Body Language” Video (premiere)

Con Brio curates a moody, expressive story through the smooth and captivating soul of their latest single, "Body Language".

Con Brio’s Explorer has been offering listeners a summertime escape into an opulent blend of contemporary R&B and psychedelic rock since its 6 July release. The Bay Area band’s latest album is a continued celebration of the same love without limits and endless energy that they have exhibited since forming back near the start of the decade. Beyond that, its an outward-looking, exuberant outlook on the trying times that the U.S. and the world are facing today. It questions the era’s leadership while still focusing on the idea of spreading love and joy through music, blending philosophy, realism, and optimism in a way that might best be described as finding happiness in a world gone awry.

“Body Language” is the latest single from Con Brio’s Explorer. On it, the band quite simply lives up to their name, with frontman Ziek McCarter bringing an effervescent zeal to the table with his delivery, even across a tune that’s a fairly slow burn. Instrumentally, it’s an ethereal jam that takes its time without feeling like it’s plodding. It features soft-spoken percussion, a bouncy brass section, and a series of gorgeous piano flourishes that meld and swirl together around McCarter’s captivating, soul-laden vocals.

Its music video is as dynamic as the song, featuring McCarter in a dimly lit garage. Without spoiling it, quite the story unfurls within this singular room, further exemplifying the captivating showmanship that Con Brio is capable of. The band expresses to PopMatters that “Body Language” was developed during a time when the band was touring the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan and could not be full of more love.

McCarter goes on to explain, “During this window, we were home, love was definitely in the air. It felt like the epitome of ‘Time of the Season’ by the Zombies; we were all back with our ladies and loved ones. Taking nature trips and spending quality time together. It felt amazing. When writing this song, I suppose we just wanted to channel honest love and appreciation for physical affection through the music. Something smooth and therapeutic.”