CONTEST: Win a Season Pass for VH1's 'The Breaks'

Win a Season Pass to VH1's new '90s hip-hop series, The Breaks.

VH1's new series The Breaks is on Monday nights with its exciting take on the '90s hip-hop world in New York. We are giving our readers a chance to win a Season Pass to this amazing show based on the 2016 successful TV-movie.

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Season Passes are available on iTunes now.

To change the world, you have to change the game.

The Breaks series picks up where the successful TV-movie leaves off. It’s 1990 New York City at the height of rap’s “Golden Age” of creativity, but corporate America has been hesitant to embrace the genre. Nikki (Afton Williamson) lands a dream job as the assistant to the legendary and out-of-control Barry Fouray (Wood Harris). Meanwhile, her best friend and producer DeeVee (Mack Wilds) is working with rapper Ahm (Antoine Harris)….who is currently under investigation by the police for murder. How far will these driven young people go to rise to the top of the hip-hop world?

Written and directed by Seith Mann, the VH1-original film The Breaks scored 2.6 million total viewers across back-to-back airings in January 2016. It was praised for its authenticity and earned critical acclaim from The New York Times and Indiewire. Following the film’s success, VH1 answered fans’ demand for more of The Breaks by ordering a series adaptation which premiered on Monday, February 20th.

Cast: Afton Williamson, Mack Wilds, Wood Harris, Antoine Harris, Melonie Diaz, Evan Handler, Sinqua Walls, Ali Ahn, David Call

Guest Starring: Gloria Reuben, Teyana Taylor, T.I., A-F-R-O, Method Man, Kim Wayans

This contest and post are sponsored by VH1.

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