Corin Raymond: Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams

The weird and wonderful side of Americana.
Corin Raymond
Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams
Local Rascal

With a name like Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams, you know that you’re in for something wild. The only question from there, then, would be if it’s wild in a good way, or wild in a way that would make “My Humps” sound like reinvigorating magic on the ears on further evaluation. Luckily for Corin Raymond, his rendition falls somewhere much closer towards the former’s side than the latter’s. Featuring a deliciously off-kilter opener in the form of mystifying, half-spoken word “Hard on Things” and rolling with momentum from there, Raymond develops a record that is both weird and wonderful.

Raymond’s tenacious lyricism and left-field vocal delivery ensure that he leaves a memorable mark on his listeners. The album toys with the noir end of Americana without always taking itself so seriously, which Raymond incorporates into his organic, folk-driven overall craft to add an evocative tinge to his work.

RATING 7 / 10
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