Corusco Waits on "New Year" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Texas trio Corusco finds maturity with new LP, Wake, and their new melodically-driven single "New Year".

Corusco's full-length debut, Wake, is out 25 May. The record features "New Year", the melodically-driven single which the band recently completed a single for. The Texas outfit has pointed out that each track on the LP should stand like its own part in a larger mosaic. The record, vocalist Aaron Gonzalez recently said, is the result of a period of growth for the collective.

The emotional qualities and emotional tug heard in the track seem appropriate for a band that takes its name from a Latin word meaning the inner battle between happiness and sorrow, the internal struggle between darkness and light. It is a similar battle that comes to mind when one contemplates the idea of a new year, time's march forward and our desire to become something new while not losing touch with the self that has brought us to that moment. Are we starting over or hopelessly stuck on the verge of contemplating it?

Gonzalez spoke about the video and the lyrics, saying, "It's really an approximate retelling of the lyrics, with one of our close friends, Aleenah appearing in it. She was around to see me falling in love with the woman who 'New Year' is about and was able to help recreate that night. She and Max are perfectly adorable in the video and even getting married this summer."

Wake, recorded with producer Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, the Almost), is out 25 May.

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