Photo: Courtesy of Clarion Call Media

Corvair Gets Optimistic With “Oceansided” (premiere)

The uplifting, anthemic “Oceansided” is from Corvair’s new self-titled LP. Member Heather Larimer calls it “a triumphant power-pop anthem about optimism, written by two natural cynics”.

“Oceansided”, from Corvair‘s self-titled LP, is a simple, anthemic bit of almost-anthemic rock ‘n’ roll with hints of dream pop and plenty of gravitas. It’s hard to resist bobbing one’s head or stomping one’s feet as Heather Larimer and Brian Naubert lead us through roughly four minutes of powerful music.

Naubert says the track marks the first time he’s written a chorus with only major chords: “It’s a deceptively simple song, kind of a collision between AC/DC and ‘Free to Be You and Me’. The backbone is just a Gibson guitar playing with zero effects through a Benson amp. But when we lay all these opposing elements over it, it becomes really textural and satisfying.”

Larimer describes “Oceansided” as, “a triumphant power-pop anthem about optimism, written by two natural cynics. The song is a shimmering cocktail of soft/hard juxtapositions: taut 1970s guitars vs spacey synths, muscular analog percussion vs puffy electronic beats, and lushly layered boy/girl multipart harmonies.”

The video itself was filmed in Oceanside, Oregon, where the song (and much of the album) was also written. All of the footage was directed, shot, and edited by the band