Photo: Myth / Republic Records

County Line Runner Evokes ’80s Nostalgia on “Our Little World” (premiere)

British rock artist County Line Runner impresses with his latest gem, a post-punk, sure-fire hit song, "Our Little World".

British singer-songwriter Adam Day blends rock and folk into a mix that also has something of a post-punk feel. Performing and creating under the moniker County Line Runner, Day found quick success sharing his music online as his first two singles, “Hard to Find” and”Wide Eyes”, quickly gained traction on Spotify. As a result, the artist signed a deal with Alex Da Kid’s KIDinaKORNER in early 2019, and his music is now being released under the Republic Records label.

Country Line Runner‘s latest track, “Our Little World”, possesses that extra something special that just shouts, “I’m a hit song”. With its bubbly beats, shiny guitar chords, and Day’s anthemic vocals, the song hits on all cylinders and evokes a nostalgic mood. Given that the project’s name emanates from an ’80s cop show, it’s not surprising that the track can also sound rather like a new wave hit from the ’80s.

Day tells PopMatters that the song “sends back me to being with my little boy watching TV and feeling so happy and content. Contentment for the first time in my life, no doubt. Strange feeling. Wondering why I chased so many things, when the best thing came to me.”