Covey Wears "Same White Shoes" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Indie folk identity of songwriter Tom Freeman discloses the reasons for some personal distance on "Same White Shoes".

Tom Freeman's indie folk project Covey serves up a new video for "Same White Shoes" culled from the 2017 release Haggarty. With tinges of outsider rock and lo-fi classics in the vein of Pavement and Guided By Voices, the cut of Covey's jib is one that's hard not to like. Having spent his life to date in places such as Hong Kong, England and Boston, Massachusetts, the singer cops to a range of influences from Blink-182 to Nick Drake and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Of the song itself, he offers, "It's a conversation between myself and someone I'm hurting through distance. The conversation is an explanation as to why I'm so cold and in disarray. Touching on nostalgia in regards to friendships in the past as well as discontent with my time during school."

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Jedd Beaudoin

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