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Etan Horowitz
The Orlando Sentinel (MCT)

If you thought CDs and MP3s killed the mixtape, think again. With Mux, you can create an online mixtape with MP3s that you own and easily share it with a friend, or the world.

In order to use the service, you must have MP3 files saved on your computer. If you don't, use a program such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or RealPlayer, to import songs from a CD onto your computer as MP3 files.

1. Go to and click "create." Fill out the fields and click on "CREATE AN ACCOUNT."

2. Click "Upload your first song." Click "Browse" and search through your computer for the song you want to upload. Songs can't be larger than 10MB and they must be in MP3 format. Once you've selected your song, click "UPLOAD."

3. Click "upload another song" and repeat the process. You can only upload 12 songs, and the site's terms of service say you can't upload more than one song from the same album or artist. To change the order of your songs, click "organize" and click on a song title and drag it to the desired spot. You can also change the name of your uploaded tracks by clicking on the "abc" next to the track information, entering new information and clicking "save."

4. Once you are finished making your tape, click on the big photo of a cassette tape to listen to it. Click on a song name to start playing it.

5. To share your mixtape, all you have to do is give somebody the Web address where your tape resides, which is your So if your username is mike123, you can access your mixtape at

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