Creeper Lagoon: Watering Ghost Garden

Creeper Lagoon
Watering Ghost Garden

It’s pretty hard not to like the depressing, yet poppy, guitar-driven songs of Creeper Lagoon.

In fact, even without creating what might be thought of as “groundbreaking” music, this San Francisco based band found themselves loved by critics as well as fans after the release of their 1998 LP debut I Become Small and Go. Unfortunately, considering the band’s promise, its new EP, Watering Ghost Garden, is a disappointment.

On a landscape inhabited by the likes of Alkaline Trio, Cracker, and Sparkelhorse, the emotional Creeper Lagoon fits right in: the band is a little indie-rock and a little art-pop. Yet while the band’s last effort demonstrated how well it could make each song live on its own, this EP contains six songs that blandly blend together for about 19 minutes. Imagine looking at a puddle for that long, hoping that something interesting or emotion-provoking will happen. You’ve just imagined what it’s like to listen to Watering Ghost Garden. There is nothing especially annoying or likeable about it, it’s just kind of there.

If you’re looking for something to provide tolerable background noise while you and your friends talk, then this CD is a viable option. If, however, looking for something to make you laugh, cry, get angry, or get anything to, then skip this one. Considering its earlier work, Creeper Lagoon has the potential to come back strong on its next album, due out in March of 2001. Let’s hope Watering Ghost Garden is a transitional moment, a step backwards before a big step forwards.