Crippled Black Phoenix - "Spider Island" (audio) (premiere)

The adventurous UK band is back with a new lineup, a new record label, and a stunning new track.

Creators of one of the most unique hybrids in heavy music over the past dozen years, UK band Crippled Black Phoenix have artfully balanced progressive rock, doom metal, post-rock, ambient music, and Victorian influences in a way that defies categorization. However, in the wake of their 2014 album White Light Generator, founding member Justin Greaves became embroiled in a public feud with former guitarist Karl Demata over legal ownership of the band name.

Not to be beaten, Greaveshas successfully regained control of the band name, and now with a revamped lineup, the band has signed with powerhouse European label Season of Mist, and will be releasing the new EP New Dark Age on 27 November.

There's no better way to commemorate the announcement with "Spider Island", a gorgeously heavy number in the vein of classic UK doom band Cathedral. Listen to the track below, and be sure to pre-order New Dark Age here.

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