Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Pop’s Cristina Hart May Be a “Bad Girlfriend” But She’s Honest

London's Cristina Hart may be a "Bad Girlfriend", but she has a way with a catchy dance pop tune.

London pop singer Cristina Hart may be a “Bad Girlfriend”, but she has a way with a catchy tune. The Swiss-born, Spanish and Brazilian artist is in the business of making dance-pop bangers with huge anthemic choruses that are easy to sing along with while you move your body. That, combined with her notable vocal presence, a mellifluous instrument capable of winding deftly around any note or turn of phrase, makes for delicious pop music. “Bad Girlfriend” is really about bringing baggage into a new relationship, but trying to poke fun at it in a way that defuses any tension. Taking ownership of one’s faults and admitting one isn’t perfect is preferable to glossing over problems and issues. Honesty will even make the relationship better.

Hart says, “‘Bad Girlfriend’ is my light-hearted take on bringing baggage into a relationship. I’d much rather be a work in progress than have to pretend to be a perfect version of myself with the people closest to me.”