Crystal Fighters - "Lay Low" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Jackson Grant

London's Crystal Fighters return with a new album Friday and share their new hit-bound, anthemic single "Lay Low".

London's Crystal Fighters are one of the more interesting contemporary bands as they mash up musical styles to create the most memorable of catchy earworms. Melodies and instruments from Basque folk music are intertwined with electronic music beats. Acoustic, electric, and electronic elements coalesce utterly naturally in their music. This Friday the band is due to release their third album, Everything Is My Family, and we've got the premiere of Crystal Fighters' brand new anthemic single "Lay Low", which rises to rousing crescendos and wall of sound vocal choruses. It's a stellar, joyous, glorious tune, with killer melodies and it promises that the band's new record may be the very best yet.

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