Crystales Emit Instant Nostalgia  (album premiere)

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Los Angeles shoegaze collective Crystales develop a dreamy debut album full of shimmering surf riffs and sunny melodies.

For many, the music of Los Angeles shoegaze collective Crystales emits instant nostalgia. Their Californian surf riffs and shimmering, sunny melodies secure as much. In that sense, they evoke a sound very much somewhere between the likes of Brian Wilson and Bethany Cosentino. Yet, as the dreamy and distorted thrills of their self-titled debut LP unveil, often they're much more than just another solid entry in the SoCal indie playbook.

The full-length is set to be released via Burger on 13 April and is currently available for pre-order. Ahead of its release, PopMatters has an exclusive stream for Crystales fans and newcomers to the band alike to enjoy. On it, the familial relation of band members Nick and Billy Gil (guitars/vocals), Tony Infante (bassist), and Jason Hanakeawe (lead vocals/drums) becomes apparent straight away. Respectively comprised of two brothers, their cousin, and their neighbor, the foursome develop awesomely-produced waves of sound that evoke a feeling of instant recognition from the first listen onward.

If you are in the Los Angeles area on 14 May, you can catch the band live at Resident with Feels.

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