Photo: Citizen Kane Wayne

Texas Psych-Rockers, the Cuckoos Release Debut LP (album stream)

Austin psychedelic rock band, the Cuckoos release their debut LP I Hate Love on 24 January following a series of well-regarded 2019 singles. Hear it in full now.

Austin, Texas psychedelic outfit, the Cuckoos release their debut LP I Hate Love on 24 January. You can hear a full stream of the quartet’s debut album now. The group conjure memories of Bauhaus but with a more succinct, direct approach via numbers such as “Heartbreak Paradise”, “Lady Boy”, and “I Can’t Get Over You”. Having released a series of singles throughout 2019, the Cuckoos present this full-length as a promising look at the future.

The band’s Kenneth Frost says, “I’m excited to put this record out because it’s our first release with the four of us in the lineup and I feel like it really captures us coming into our own. There’s a lot of love and feeling from all of us in these songs and I’m really proud of it.”

Dave North adds, “You get one chance to put out a debut album, this one takes the cake. After all, we’ve put a lot of thought into this release. This record reminds me of all the love and support we’ve gotten over the years, and I’m so thankful for the generosity we’ve gotten.”