Curtis J's "Reverb" Is a Dedication to a Departed Friend (premiere)

Photo: Michelle Thomas

Former Kentucky Knife Fight guitarist Curtis J brings us some grooving, searing blues on his latest single. The song is dedicated to his dear friend, the recently departed keyboardist, Nathan Jatcko.

"Reverb", Curtis J's grooving new single, has been a long time coming. Before gearing up for his debut seven-inch vinyl as a solo artist, "Expectations", the artist garnered acclaim for his role as Kentucky Knife Fight's guitarist. After touring with the likes of the Old 97s, Rev. Horton Heat, and more, "Reverb" feels like the amorous blues that Curtis J has had culminating within him from the first moment he hit the stage. The consummate rocker is more confident with his delivery than ever with his new solo project, and that swagger emanates from its accompanying music video, too.

Yet, not everything has gone as planned. Curtis J's newest tune might set him on the map, but the artist isn't one to forget where he comes from or who helped raise him up to the bar he's set for himself today. This song is dedicated to the dearly departed, the artist reveals to PopMatters in a statement:

"We create, having little idea of where it will lead and how it will leave an imprint on you. The same can be said for my friendship with the recently departed St. Louis keyboardist Nathan Jatcko. He changed the way I play, write, and produce more than any musician in the history of my career. I had full intentions of releasing this video and vinyl with this true friend and 14-year collaborator, but unfortunately, I am releasing this in memory of him.

"I have demos of the first sessions where Nathan and I tried to arrange this song 'Reverb'. The remarkable thing, as with everything he contributed to, was that his time was impeccable, and his first ideas felt like the final product.

"Nathan and I knocked the studio recording out in one day, but like artists of any medium, the result is the product of years of practice and experience. What we were most excited about is that this was just the beginning of where we were going. Though I will walk these subsequent steps without him by my side, I gained so much confidence and love of creating music through of our collaboration that his influence will be embedded and audible in the music to come.

"The video was directed and shot by videographer Brian McClelland of Blip Blap Video (videographer for Kristeen Young, Bottle Rockets, Beth Bombarra). It was shot in the streets of New York and with our trio, the Curtis J Social, in a legendary Manhattan studio noted for hosting the Ramones, Madonna, and Billy Idol. He is the best independent creator we could have worked with and we are in pre-production for the next video (to be released in early spring). He's incredible and so focused, yet relaxed. The whole experience was like having a conversation over coffee with a friend."

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