Damian McGinty Dives Into the Uplifting “Geronimo” (premiere)

Damian McGinty is preparing for the forthcoming arrival of his full-length original debut with the inspiriting lead single, "Geronimo".

Following the release of his first EP of original songs in 2017, singer, songwriter, and actor Damian McGinty is releasing the lead single from off of a forthcoming debut full-length. While not the first LP that McGinty has released—that would be 2016’s This Christmas Time—the one featuring “Geronimo” will be his first full of self-written tunes. This, of course, follows a whirlwind past decade or so for the artist, McGinty being part of Celtic Thunder’s inaugural roster, as well as cast member on Santa Fake and a winner of The Glee Project.

“Geronimo” is an ebullient earworm about setting oneself free and following one’s dreams. It’s just the sort of splash of summer that some might be yearning for as the year wanes towards a close and temperatures continue to drop. Driven forward by progressive guitar work and McGinty’s warm, rich vocals, the song serves the purpose that it sets out for in being a heartening first dive into the singer-songwriter’s upcoming LP. “Geronimo” is set to be released on 23 November and is available for pre-order via Amazon.


3/19 – Philadelphia, PA
3/20 – New York City, NY
3/21 – Boston, MA
3/22 – Hamden, CT
3/24 – Portland, ME
3/26 – Montreal, QC
3/27 – Ottawa, ON
3/28 – Toronto, ON
3/31 – Pittsburgh, PA
4/1 – Lake Orion, MI
4/3 – Vienna, VA
4/4 – Virginia Beach, VA
4/6 – Charlotte, NC
4/7 – Duluth, GA
4/8 – Jacksonville, FL
4/10 – Nashville, TN
4/11 – Shelbyville, IN
4/12 – Three Oaks, MI
4/14 – Minneapolis, MN
4/15 – St Louis, MO
4/16 – Omaha, NE
4/17 – Kansas City, MO
4/19 – Broomfield, CO
4/22 – Phoenix, AZ
4/23 – Phoenix, AZ
4/25 – Los Angeles, CA
4/26 – Berkeley, CA
4/28 – Portland, OR
4/29 – Seattle, WA