Dana Fuchs Issues Video for "Love Lives On" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Merry Cyr / Courtesy of Devious Planet

Titular track from Love, Janis and Across the Universe actress Dana Fuchs' seventh LP is a deeply personal remembrance.

Dana Fuchs has one of those unmistakable voices, one perfect for exploring the confluence of blues and soul, the places where Otis Redding and Janis Joplin rub elbows and where the night and smoke get thick. You can hear those influences and Fuchs' emotional range on her new LP, Love Lives On, which arrives 18 May via Get Along Records.

Fuchs traveled to Memphis to record the 13 tracks that comprise the record, her seventh overall. The trackers were recorded in 11 days with Jon Diamond and Fuchs co-producing a group of seriously seasoned vets on the sessions, including organist Rev. Charles Hodges (Al Green), Steve Potts (drums Stax Records, Gregg Allman and Booker T.), with Kirk Smothers (saxophone) and Marc Franklin (trumpet) adding contributions as well. Lenny Kravitz and Joss Stone veteran Jack Daley (bass) return as does Glenn Patscha (piano, Wurlitzer).

Fuchs has just issued a video for the title cut, saying, "It's a song I wrote for my later mother. I sat next to her day and night for the last 11 days of her life. It's meant to be a hopeful song and video, fostering hope that our love lives on in our hearts and memories and help us to persevere in the life we keep living."


May 18 Fairfield Warehouse Fairfield, CT

May 20 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY

May 24 Sellersville Theatre Sellersville, PA

May 25 Darryl's House Pawling, NY

May 26 The Hamilton Wash, DC

July 10 Todos Santos Plaza Concord, CA

July 11 Biscuits & Blues San Francisco, CA

July 12 Windsor Town Green Windsor, CA

July 14 Eighteen Pastures Golf Mission, BC

Aug 11 JFK Plaza Lowell, MA

Aug 25 Tawas Blues by the Bay East Tawas, MI

Aug 26 Harris Park London, ONT

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