Dana Sipos Remembers "Lighthouse Nights" (premiere)

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On "Lighthouse Nights", acclaimed Canadian folk artist Dana Sipos looks back fondly on nights shared with an old friend.

With much of her music, Turtle Island artist Dana Sipos is using her soothing tones and smart lyrics as a folk singer and storyteller to hone-in on women's freedom and the abolition of patriarchy. New single "Lighthouse Nights" is no different, having taken its basis from an evening that opened with her anarchist theatre collective being denied a swath of show dates. The unconventional healing that takes place after is something of beauty, wherein Sipos details her time with an elderly woman in New York. She lived in a lighthouse.

The music present here is as calming, hypnotic, and natural as Sipos' delivery has ever come. From her captivating, soft-spoken vocals to a lush collective of carefully chosen instruments, "Lighthouse Nights" is nothing short of gorgeous. It's from her upcoming album, Trick of the Light, which releases 22 May via Roaring Girl. It was recorded by producer Sandro Perri and includes a myriad of Canadian musical talent.

Sipos has also released a live video performance of the song via YouTube as part of Roaring Girl's 'Dream Date Sessions'.

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