Daniel Daniel Whips Up a Lowland Mystery on "The Lonesome Hollow" (premiere)

Photo: Courtney Parrie

Rising Nashville artist Daniel Daniel's ominous, dark humor-tinged Americana outing is, in part, an ode to rambling westerns and desert landscapes.

Rising Americana artist Daniel Daniel is saddling up with a brand new single before the release of his debut full-length in May. Entitled "The Lonesome Hollow", the Nashville songwriter whips up a foreboding, windswept landscape for his protagonist to wander. In many ways, it feels reminiscent of western tales of old, though with enough contemporary shine to land it among the best concept pieces of a similar ilk, like Lord Huron's Strange Trails. Daniel has teamed up with some of the greats to make the dark western swing tune possible, too, including award-winning recording engineer Mike Piersante (Adele, the Civil Wars) and producer Matt Williams.

Accompanying the release of "The Lonesome Hollow" single is a music video directed by Daniel himself. In it, we follow a man's (Charles Trueblood) journey through the old-school western thrills of a small mining town not too far away from Phoenix, Arizona. There's humor involved, as well as darkness. On the overall, it's an astoundingly well-shot thinking piece as we see Trueblood's character move from one phase in his wanderings to another. Stunning videography showcasing the natural Arizonan landscape being interspersed throughout helps set variances in tone in place with perfect pacing.

"This was one of those songs that seemed to fall from the sky," Daniel says. "The line 'Going down to the lonesome hollow' came into my head and the rest of the song, and character, flowed from there."

"I seemed to catch this character on his tumultuous journey, and it wasn't my place to ask a lot of questions. There's a certain ambiguity to the tune that wouldn't allow for anything to be said other than what was said. I certainly felt like I was a spectator on this song rather than a participant. The song has served as a springboard both for the other songs on this record but also new material I am working on."

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