Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes "Catapult" Into Their New Video Series, 'Backtracked' (premiere)

The Nashville indie pop outfit take their next step forward by setting into reverse on this stripped-back acoustic version of their song "Catapult".

In their continued quest to pursue innovative evolutions in their music, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes are taking their next steps forward by taking them back. In the collective's 'Backtracked' series of incoming videos, they are reworking the songs from off of their new EP, Chapter One, into acoustic jams. Whereas Chapter One's three songs present a delectably polished dreamscape of sprightly, ebullient sound, Ellsworth and company are stripping them back in their latest project.

On the 'Backtracked' version of "Catapult", Ellsworth says, "The idea is to take our songs and play them in new or different ways using some kind of new outside element. Here we're in our basement rehearsal space in Nashville playing 'Catapult' completely stripped down, but using some simple drum machine loops that we thought were interesting."

"It made for a unique take on an acoustic version of our song. This piano was where I began the writing process for this song, so it was fun to strip away all the other synths and keyboards and go back to playing it as it was first written. In the coming weeks, we'll have versions of the other songs from our recently released Chapter One EP that were done in this same fashion."

Studio-wise, we can look forward to the band's Chapter Two EP coming out sometime during spring 2018.

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