Daniel Pearson Takes a Journey to Make Sense of the World on "Pieces of a Puzzle" (premiere)

Yorkshire indie folk artist Daniel Pearson returns with another timely message about the state of society in the post-truth era.

British singer-songwriter Daniel Pearson creates evocative indie folk music with universal themes that is both political conscious and highly engaging. As a Yorkshireman, Pearson addressed the plight of factory workers on "Factory Floor". But on his latest single, "Pieces of a Puzzle", he widens the lens as he examines society in the post-truth, Trump, and Brexit world we all now inhabit. Sadly, we are adrift as Pearson sings, "What's the value of the truth now / The illusion and the cost / We're all pieces of a puzzle / And the answer has been lost." The music has a Southwestern vibe that evokes wide-open spaces while suggesting a voyager on a long journey.

Pearson says, "I guess this song, like a lot of my new material, is trying to make sense of the world in 2018. Like everyone else I'm asking questions, looking for answers, hoping for optimism in pretty dark times -- and there's no fast track or easy way to doing or finding those things. 'Pieces of a Puzzle' feels like a part of that search, and the music has this new-frontier, big-canyon vibe to it that fits the idea of a journey."

Pearson has two more singles coming in February and March, and we hope an album at some point soon. If you haven't caught up with the important folk music Pearson creates with every song, there's no time like the present.

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