Photo: Meleah Shavon / Courtesy of Missing Piece Group

Daniel Rodriguez’s “Sojourn of a Burning Sun” Finds Hope in Letting Go (premiere)

Elephant Revival's Daniel Rodriguez's solo debut marks a hopeful renewal for the folk artist following a time of great personal loss.

Daniel Rodriguez knows loss, and perhaps more intimately than many of us. Running parallel to Elephant Revival’s breakup was the end of a 14-year romantic relationship. These two significant misfortunes left Rodriguez seemingly lost. However, he turned a new leaf and was off on life’s next great journey. Rodriguez’s solo debut album, Sojourn of a Burning Sun, finds the singer-songwriter ruminating on life’s fluidity, rejuvenation and ushering in a new era.

The title track is sweet in its sparsity, offering Rodriguez ample room to croon about the cyclical nature of life, and of letting go to explore the beauty in the unknown. Directed and edited by Jesse R. Borrell of NOCOAST, natural and cosmic imagery mesh through meditative means to exemplify the song’s integral messaging.

On the tune, Rodriguez tells PopMatters, “I really love how this song came out. It’s one of my favorite lyrical pieces that has come from my pen. We decided to do a stripped-down production of the song, which lets the lyrics breathe. Before making the video, I gave Jesse Borrell some of the images that I wanted to incorporate, and he did a wonderful job making it all come to life.”

Sojourn of a Burning Sun releases on 28 August.