Photo: Courtesy of Earshot Media

Dankrupt Explore Romance’s Darker Side With “Drowning” (premiere)

California's Dankrupt share an upbeat-sounding tune about the dark side of romance when someone's in love with a drug addict.

California alt-rock outfit Dankrupt return with a new video for the track “Drowning”. With a breezy melody that recalls the easy vibes of the unit’s home state, “Drowning” works its magic in a little over three minutes, combining the infectiousness of pop with rock’s harder edges. Instantly memorable and eminently hummable, it’s musical brightness belies its lyrical darkness.

The band’s Derek Shields explained those undercurrents. “It’s an up-tempo rock song about the dark side of romance when someone’s in love with a drug addict. Knowing the person they love that’s keeping them going is the same person killing them slowly with each breath.

The line ‘drowning in a sea of negativity, it has to be either the needle or me’ describes the harsh reality of the situation one might face when trying to cope with the addictions of a lover, friend or relative. As the opioid epidemic continues, many listeners may relate to their own experiences in dealing with the issue of drug abuse. How do you help someone who is unwilling to help themselves without dragging you down with them?”

The single is available everywhere on 28 November.



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