Danny Golden's "Old Mate" Muses on Temptation (premiere)

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Starring John Noble, the video for Americana artist Danny Golden's "Old Mate" offers an emotional reflection that delves into the struggle against temptation.

At its core, Danny Golden's music is about human connections. Following a troubadour's history from Colorado, to Pennsylvania, New York, and finally to Austin, Texas, the many hats that Golden has worn cross-country between bluegrass and rock 'n' roll has lead him to his current realm of textured, empathetic Americana. Joining him on his 2018 effort, Old Love, are a variety of Austin notables, including Golden's band mainstays—lead guitarist Ben Brown, Spencer Garland (Black Pumas), Jeff Olson (White Denim), and Brendan Bond (Glorietta). Altogether, the outfit delivers a scintillating collection of songs that explore the poignant complexities that particular relationships and decisions in life can bring.

Following the release of Old Love on DRUNKLUCK earlier this month, Golden is releasing a music video for the latest single from off of the LP, "Old Mate". Bluesy harmonica riffs add layers to the song's swampy arrangement, driving steadily forward as its leading man becomes a little more unhinged. Starring John Noble, the visual offers an emotional reflection onto an already captivating track delving into the struggle against enticement.

Golden tells PopMatters, "'Old Mate' is a song about temptation. Everybody falls somewhere on a spectrum between hedonism and restraint. A life lived towards the hedonist side of things can be fun but riddled with guilt and regret. The path of restraint may be easier on the conscience but filled with longing and repression. How does anybody get through life unscathed by temptation? The music video follows a man late in his life as he deals with haunting feelings of regret and longing. I had the absolute privilege of working with my friend and brilliant actor John Noble on this project."


11/29 - Colorado Springs - Colorado College

12/4 - Cincinnati - Mixwells

12/5 - Cleveland - Beachland Tavern

12/6 - Pittsburgh - Club Cafe

12/7 - Boston - The Bebop

12/8 - NYC - Rockwood Music Hall

12/11 - Nashville - The Basement East

12/15 - Austin - TBD

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