Danny Schmidt Reminds Us That "Words Are Hooks" (premiere)

Photo: Chris Carson / Courtesy of the artist

With his haunting new single "Words Are Hooks", Austin folk artist Danny Schmidt aims to remind listeners of the poignancy that words can carry.

Austin born and raised, Danny Schmidt stands out amidst the musical city's vast crowd with his poignant songwriting, shining a spotlight on subjects that don't often gain the attention that they should. Having waxed eloquent on all-too-real tales of miscarriage and gentrification in the past alongside highlighting women and LGBT people in the fields of science and technology, Schmidt's newest single takes a decidedly simpler path in the story it weaves. Simpler does not mean any less powerful or captivating, however, as Schmidt's delightfully unusual way of wrapping himself around an arrangement comes to light in full with "Words Are Hooks". Inundated by haunting melodies and a palpable soul, Schmidt reminds listeners of the potency that words can have.

Schmidt tells PopMatters, "This is a song about the potency of words, their power to deliver a message and affix it permanently into our psyches. They can do a lot of emotional damage if we're not careful, but they also have the power to heal deep wounds. And so, most importantly, since they are so impactful, it's essential that we be truthful with them."

"Words Are Hooks" appears on Schmidt's upcoming album, Standard Deviations, due out on 8 March.

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