Daphne Willis - "Keep on Keepin' On" (audio) (premiere)

Rising Nashville pop singer Daphne Willis keeps on the sunny side of the street with her latest earworm "Keep on Keepin' On".

"No matter what happens in life, we must keep going," says Daphne Willis.

This simple statement of persistence in the face of adversity is the backbone of her latest single, "Keep on Keepin' On". It's releasing just a day before Willis' entire upcoming album, Freaks Like Me, drops on Friday, 17 November.

Her last-minute teaser in the form of this track encapsulates the sort of soulful, feel-good attitude that has garnered the pop artist an impressive following over the last few years she's been touring. A clap-along, sing-along tune featuring genre influences ranging from R&B to folk and rock, the song's swamp stomp progression paired with choir-centric backing vocals and a rambunctious horn section are the perfect homage to her Nashville base.

The message of facing your fears here is timeless, though, and relates to far more than just Tennessee. This optimistic tune will be keeping listeners dancing with their chins up as Willis continues to bubble up to the top of the heap.

With enthusiasm, Willis reflects on the upcoming record, saying, "This record reflects a lot of personal growth and vulnerability for me and I am excited to share the experience through Freaks Like Me."

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