DARIUSTX - 'V. The Angels of Goliad' (album stream) (premiere)

The Texas-born, LA-based composer offers a rich exploration of Americana on his new album.

Singer-songwriter Darius Holbert releases his new album under the name DARIUSTX today, and you can stream V. The Angels of Goliad in its entirety below. As you'll hear, he serves up a high-energy, adventurous yet soulful take on Americana, bolstered by sumptuous guest vocals by Nicole Britton and Caroline Wilson.

DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad is a project that I have been working on for years in between film composing and producing," Holbert says. "The album features some of my best friends and family, who also happen to be some of the top A-list studio talent in LA. The writing is widely varied- some tracks started years ago as quiet piano tunes and ended up having broad orchestral arrangements, others I banged out in the studio in an hour. One song I even dreamt of during the recording sessions- I woke up and wrote it all down fully formed. I'm thrilled with this record- in many ways it's a love letter to the music of my childhood in Texas and Louisiana; each track harkens back to a moment in my life."

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