Darlyn Vlys' "Learned to Hide" Is a Beautiful Mix of Smooth Melody and Subtle Electronic Textures (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Sincopat

French DJ and producer Darlyn Vlys shares "Learned to Hide", the first single from his forthcoming debut album Prince in the Rain, releasing on the esteemed Sincopat label.

From his years studying film in Montpelier to exploring the dance clubs of Valencia, French DJ and producer Darlyn Vlys has an innovative take on electronic music. Shaped by those experiences, his cinematic, club-ready sound has seen him release material on cult dance labels such as Get Physical, Upon You and Suara. "Learned to Hide" is the first single from his forthcoming debut album Prince in the Rain, releasing on the esteemed Sincopat label.

Featuring, tender, soulful vocals from Andreas Kubat, vocalist for German electro-rock band Northern Lite, the track opens on a smooth dream-pop wave. Possessing an expansive, filmic quality, it's a beautiful mix of smooth melody and subtle electronic textures. Halfway through, the mood changes as the song ignites with '80s vintage, analogue synths and heavy reverb pads that gives the song a real sense of drama.

Directed by fellow French film director and photographer Vincent Vandries, the video simply, but effectively, reflects the late-night mood of the track with light and colour often framed against the night sky. As Vandries states:

"This video perfectly captures the synergy of the enveloping ambience of ghostly vocals, cosmic pads and twinkling synth waves of the original song."

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